Starting off 2011

As I start off this 2011

I give thanks to God in heaven

For having carried me through a blessed 2010

While also blessing my family & friends

I am ready to start this new year with faithfulness, loyalty & health

and hope for much success, favor & wealth

We all have been through some downs in the past

some downs lasted long, some went by fast

I can write here all day the things I wish to accomplish this year

but by doing so it may just turn into words I fear

2011 will be my year of action

a year of success & satisfaction

I have no doubt that my path is going down the right track

This year ,I am moving forward without looking back.

So I wish you all the same this year,

release your anguish, release your fear.

We are all created equal, deserving of the same

no status makes one better than the other, no finances,no name

So strive for it all, do not settle for less

you are worthy of it all, worthy of the best

For by settling you do no one a favor

and only dissappoint your one & only Creator!

Happy New Year!

–Mercedes N.

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