Food for Thought (Week #1)

Today I would like to write to those persistent in their striving for success regardless of the ugly criticism, or backstabbing remarks thrown their way (A tribute to Michael Jackson, President Obama, and all of us who have experienced negative prejudgements):

Stand United,… Build up one another, Dont Fight it!

People are so eager to claim that in them lives no envy

Yet as soon as another gets some shine, these same people resort to jealousy

Its funny how we claim that “United we Stand”,

Yet at the rate we criticize each other, we will soon dissolve into sand

Its a pity that we are incapable to find happiness for others & their success

Instead we want to break their spirits by stirring up a mess

It is now that we need to wake up & realize

That jealousy accompanied by hurtful words is not wise

It is toxic energy, deadly when released

Envy is a feeling of discomfort, a feeling of dis-ease

Yet there is one thing we  fail to comprehend

That hating on others wont hold THEM back,.. but keep US down in the pen.

So release your hatred, be happy for others striving for success

Dont wish them bad, but wish them the best

Start to understand the basic law of reciprocity

That what you give out, you receive back in overflowing philosophy

Ignore the evil voice urging you to hate

Instead find the good in you in search for something positive to state

If we are to build and stand United

Lets congratulate each other,  uplift one another…dont fight it!

–Mercedes Nelson

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