Hello darrrrrrrrrlings!. Today is beautiful, and as you know it may be raining, but my sun does NOT stop shining! Got my butt up for bootcamp this morning, couldnt stand my instructor, simply because he is so good that I was out of breath! All in all, after a nice HOT shower, a blow dry to the hair and a quick lotioning of the body I am now trying to get two seconds of relaxing time. BUT, it wont be for long, because boy oh boy if you see these nails on my fingers you would disown me! LOL… so I need to hop back up in a few to start preparing for tonight’s fabulous event. I feel very blessed, as if God just handed me all the missing pieces to my puzzle!. Orders for Merci-Belle have been picking up, and the turn out for tonight’s party is looking FABULOUS!  PS: I CAN NOT forget to mention the world’s best photographers who will be joining me tonight at the event RODNEY SINGZON & PATRICK UY, who sacrificed sleep, blurry eyes, hunger and their own personal priorities in order to always be there for me when I need a shoot done perfectly & professionally!!!

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