Photoshoot for Merci-Belle is here ;)

Today was an exciting day for me ;) Got the footage and pictures from the official Merci-Belle fashionshoot. Everything worked out flawless with God’s guidance and ofcourse the AMAZING people who contributed. Ofcourse I have to give thanks to the BEAUTIFUL models Annie Su & Kelsey Johnson who looked absolutely gorgeous. Marisa Dowe, my amazing make-up artist came through for the line twice, and made the models look flawless both times. And ofcourse my ALL-time favorite photographer Rodney Singzon, whose done most all of my pictures on my site, I couldnt have done it without you guys. Thanks with all my heart :) . Merci-Belle is my baby and I will grind out the baby steps necessary for me to get Merci-Belle the recognition she deserves. ;) I hope you ladies out there can find the beauty in her as well …..

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