Exclusive pics from Website Launch/Football Wives premiere

Friday was a blast, I received much support from many friends. Ofcourse thanks to Chris Bridges who made it all happen. Hwood was the place to be!, I had not previously been to Hwood, but it turns out to be a nice place. I must give my special thanks to everyone who came out and supported, promoted and contributed to making the event a success! Special thanks to my close people; Adam, Raquel Lee, Minks, Kryss, Kiki, Nars, Dai, Dee , Meshawn, Rodney & Patrick. My classmates came through to support, which I appreciate ; Jordan, Juelz & Bianca. And ofcourse a special Thanks to the celebs who came to support: Akon, Karyn White (Superwoman), Alycia Bellamy, Damon Elliott (Super producer), Sapphire(Flavor Of Love), A’sia Epperson (American Idol), and a few more. A special thanks to Patrick McKenzie for the great pictures and footage from the event ;)

I appreciate the support! ;) Now Make sure you keep watching Football Wives for future episodes, and feel free to leave comments ;)

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